Mission Statement

Here at Pulse, it is our mission to help everyone realize the power within. In a world where technology detracts from physical health, we aim to combine the two in a revolutionary way, changing the lens by which the world views staying fit.

Through providing users with a wide array of clothing ranging from casual athleisure to high-tech performance wear that tracks fitness, our company is rooted in empowering others to stay active.

Our story

Pulse is an online clothing company that focuses on making staying fit and being healthy more convenient by combining it with technology. We offer both athletic wear that uses sensors to track your muscle use through an interactive app and casual wear that helps relieve pain and provide support while doing everyday tasks. Our innovative Flex Fiber technology helps keep your body cool by utilizing body heat for energy and powering the clothes. Our company really emphasizes bringing out the power within every individual and we have a very qualified staff who is working hard to do just that.

Our Team


Craig Denkers, David Lee, Christine Ho, Brandon Nguyen, Darren David

Information Technology/ Executive

Silvia Chen, Trust Nguyen, Rachel Gagnon, Kalkidan Tewodros, Mikhil Patel, Jennifer La


Elaine Duong, John Bondoc, Aithy Nguyen, Alyssa Mora, Tamanna Khurana, Chloe Kwak


Eric Chung, Preston Nguyen, Jon Le, Bryan Duran (not pictured)


Human Resources

Jennifer Aguilar, Alexys Ungria, Daniel Cho, Marilyn Navarro, Ramsey Campos


Andrew Molina, Nancy Duong, Samantha Shaw, Kathleen Dang, Matthew Cervana (not pictured)